About us

ECube, founded by a team with deep operating, financial and business experience, is well positioned to launch a pioneering climate finance company, ECube Climate Finance (ECF), ECube’s climate finance strategy recognises India’s role as the third largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, and seeks to lend to Indian companies in support of their climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. Our operational priorities include:


Climate Focussed Lending

Create a pioneering climate focussed lending company to support the adoption of climate-friendly business practices by Indian companies.


Strategic Investment

Manage investments in public and private markets, typically through active engagement strategies while taking minority stakes in investee firms.


Advocacy & Engagement

Advocate and champion higher ESG standards through in-depth research, advocacy and engagement in policy debates and discussions.

About Our Logo

ECube stands for “Engage and Empower for ESG” – the 3 Es have yielded ECube, our name, and summarise our Vision.
The colors in our logo represent what we stand for - Green for protecting the Environment, Brown indicating our concern for the Earth and our focus on Society, and Blue representing Water.
The unfolding and upwardly directional leaves represent the growth that we seek to achieve in our endeavours. The cube is a three dimensional square representing stability and permanence.
The logo represents our firm’s rootedness in seeking inclusive and rapid growth in our drive towards profit with purpose, underlined by the core values of trust and integrity.

What we are doing?

ECF plans to launch operations soon. ECF’s principal focus will be on lending in the areas of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the EV ecosystem, Green Construction: the Industrials’ sector where companies seek to reduce their adverse climate impact through energy efficiency initiatives, rooftop solar deployments and the like; and Water and Waste Management. ECF will combine profit with purpose in helping Corporate India to reduce carbon emissions through its targeted lending. ECube has also announced plans to launch India’s first active engagement public markets ESG fund. This could be undertaken through a partnership with one of the leading mutual fund houses in India.

Our edge:

ECube Climate Finance

  • High pedigree team backed by a vastly experienced advisory board.
  • Past experience in starting and scaling up Institutions/NBFCs.
  • Large market opportunity for debt climate finance (CF) in India – Aaddressable market of USD 215 Bn by 2025
  • ECF focus segments contribute ~40% of India’s GHG emissions; Nno other dedicated CF lender with presence across ECF focus segments
  • Inherently better domain, product and structuring expertise for climate finance vis-à-vis generalist lenders
  • Ability to create a niche and generate sustainable long-term value with attractive ROE


The ESG Fund

  • Proprietary ESG assessment framework that will be used to conduct intensive due diligence of companies by applying our proprietary ESG assessment framework and assist investee companies to enhance their ESG metrics to generate significantly higher risk-adjusted returns.
  • Acquire significant minority stakes (up to 10%) in under-researched mid and small-cap listed companies for whom ESG could be an important value-lever.
  • Actively engage with investee companies through a very experienced team and operating partners – a PE-style approach.