Ex-Tata Sons executive Rajan’s fund looks to improve governance and green thinking in small- and mid-cap firms

on 23 Sep, 2019

ECube founder Mukund Rajan believes mutual funds in India will soon have to have a strong environment, social, and governance (ESG) element.

When Mukund Rajan came back from Oxford in the mid-1990s, he was interviewed by Ratan Tata and cleared to join his office once he completed a mandatory assignment in a Tata subsidiary. Rajan completed the drill and when he returned to join Tata’s office in 1996, the first thing he asked Tata was about leave. “I said, ‘I Tata had an eye for detail. He said: Congratulations. But the binding is a little weak,” Rajan laughs as he recalls the episode. Perhaps Rajan’s next book will be published only on the environmental-friendly Kindle even as he starts work on tying the ESG knots together. ( Research support by Rochelle Britto) ( Graphics by Sadhana Saxena)

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