25 May 2023 / by by Harish HV

Don‘t ignore the ‘S’ in ESG

With corporates controlling much of global assets, it is only fair they help curb inequalities in income.

17 May 2023 / by Team ECube

Green Innovation, a major driving force

Creative Destruction refers to the way that new technologies and industries can replace existing ones, causing the destruction of the old while creating something new and better. In the early '90s, it was difficult to visualize the power of digitisation. The cycle of innovation in Sustainability is just getting started and the future looks bright.

27 Apr 2023 / by Team ECube

ESG Investing is here to stay

Despite increasing criticism, ESG investing with a long-term sustainable strategy is beneficial to society. AUM under ESG Investing is expected to reach US$ 33.9 trillion by 2026.

29 Mar 2023 / by Harish HV

ESG Investments: Gaps, Challenges And Way Forward

ESG is an idea whose time has come, and companies should consider incorporating ESG into their decision-making not only under investor pressure but also for self-interest.

21 Mar 2023 / by Team ECube

Net Zero: The consumer angle

As the world tackles the threat of climate change and moves towards a net zero future, the critical role that consumers will play is becoming evident. As sustainable products emerge, consumers can accelerate the transition to Net Zero. Dr Mukund Rajan and Shail Vani have co-authored an article on the consumer angle in the transition to Net Zero.

20 Feb 2023 / by Team ECube

Budget should energise green growth

The initiatives on funding, innovation, water security and behavioural change are noteworthy. But these must be executed well.

02 Nov 2022 / by Shankar Venkateswaran

Towards a Purpose-based Sustainability Disclosures regime*

This millennium has seen a rash of sustainability disclosure frameworks like never before, much to the consternation of companies who are expected to report on! A few mandatory ones have emerged such as the EU’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive mandatory, while India’s Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) mandated for the top 1000 listed companies in India is an interesting example from the emerging economies.

10 Aug 2021 / by Team ECube

Outlast- How ESG can Benefit Your Business

Usually, blame for business failures is apportioned to external factors such as adverse business cycles, badly framed government regulations and lack of infrastructure. Often the causes lie within: from short term thinking to destruction of natural resources, and exploitation of labour. To outlast competition, build resilience, gain competitive advantage and achieve greater returns in the long run, businesses must improve their performance on material ESG metrics. Outlast: How ESG Can Benefit Your Business, co-authored by Dr Mukund Rajan is a clarion call to corporate leaders to follow the pathway of ESG.

10 Aug 2020 / by Team ECube

Could Paying Farmers to Store Carbon Help the Climate and Save Farms?

26 Jun 2020 / by Team ECube

In green industrial zones lies India’s future

20 Jun 2020 / by Shankar Venkateswaran

Building Back Better after COVID-19 – Reimagining the Construction Sector

06 Jun 2020 / by Shankar Venkateswaran

Building Back Better after covid 19:5 actions to keep the foot on the Climate Change Pedal

16 Apr 2020 / by Govind Sankaranarayanan

The pandemic will change public life as we know it | Analysis

11 Apr 2020 / by Team ECube

Tête-à-tête with Dr. Mukund Rajan, Chairman E Cube Investment Advisors.

22 Nov 2019 / by Team ECube

Hello there blue sky investors

31 Oct 2019 / by Govind Sankaranarayanan

The possibilities and perils of whistleblowing

23 Sep 2019 / by Team ECube

Ex-Tata sons executive Rajan's fund looks to improve governance and green thinking in small and mid cap firms

19 Sep 2019 / by Mukund Rajan

The global discourse on climate change is shifting

06 Aug 2019 / by Alan Rosling

Less leads to more

26 Jun 2019 / by Mukund Rajan

Its time for a green party of india

05 Jun 2019 / by Team ECube

ESG Funds: How to invest in a sustainable future

07 May 2019 / by Team ECube

Ex MSCI India head joins ESG fund setup by former Tata executive

19 Feb 2019 / by Team ECube

Can ESG fund change the way business is done?

04 Feb 2019 / by Team ECube

The ABC's of India's second ESG fund that will invest $1billion in companies