No Going Back

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate 2006 Founder, Grameen Bank, The Bank for the Poor Extent of damage that Corona pandemic is causing the world is just mind boggling. However despite this massive damage it offers us an unparalleled opportunity.  Right now the whole world has to address a big question. It is not about how […]

In green industrial zones lies India’s future

By building SDG-compliant enclaves, the country can boost manufacturing and get investments, too India has the potential, but has not been able to scale up the share of manufacturing to its target of 25 per cent. It is blessed with natural resources, human resource and a history of manufacturing everything, from pins to planes. Growth […]

Will sustainability take a back seat or steer a green recovery after Covid?

We must decide: in a post-Covid world, will we put emphasis on sustainability to achieve a green recovery or dust ourselves off and continue as before? The coronavirus has disrupted business-as-usual. Economies around the world have crashed, unemployment is at an all-time high, startups are facing a cash crunch, stock markets are at historic lows, the poor have […]

The pandemic will change public life as we know it | Analysis

The State’s role will expand. There will be more welfare projects, and a greater openness to technology No one should seek to read much into the economic predictions at the moment with the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in full flow. However, Covid-19 is likely to profoundly impact the way governments, companies and citizens behave, changing public […]

Career Principles and Insights with Dr. Mukund Rajan (Part I)

In this episode you will learn the following: 1. The art of contextually relevant learning and unlearning 2. Evolution of social responsibility, sustainability and governance in Indian corporates 3. Principles of negotiating the non-negotiable Dr. Mukund Rajan, is the Chairman of ECube Investment Advisors Private Limited, which focusses on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues […]