ECube, founded by a team with deep corporate and operating experience, is an Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) focused platform. ECube's Stewardship Services support investors and companies in their ESG journeys, helping develop business relevant ESG strategies and their deployment.

ECube is also developing distinct channels to accelerate the growth of ESG and Climate Change related investments in India, with innovative solutions for debt and equity.

Members of

“Engage and
Empower for ESG”

- the 3 Es have yielded ECube, our name, and summarize our Vision.

Our Mission is to

Transform the climate and ESG landscape in India.

The colors in our logo represent what we stand for

For protecting the Environment
Indicating our concern for the Earth and our focus on Society
Representing Water

The logo represents our firm’s rootedness in seeking inclusive and rapid growth in our drive towards profit with purpose, underlined by the core values of trust and integrity.

ECube Team

With 200 plus years of collective experience, the ECube team of industry veterans has deep senior level corporate and operating experience, and experience in engaging with boards and senior management.

With backgrounds in Sustainability, ESG ratings, Governance, Climate Change, Finance and Business, the team has the diversity of essential experience in areas that are relevant to business-centric ESG solutions. Members of the ECube team are also involved in ESG policy making at the highest levels.

For our clients, this translates into a combination of benefits

A deep understanding of the strategic value of ESG, and a holistic understanding of business opportunities and risks, translating into a business-oriented approach to ESG.

The wisdom and business judgment for financially meaningful, practical, and implementable ESG recommendations.

Knowledge and thought leadership.

Our Team

Our Advisors

Dr Mukund Rajan


Alan Rosling


Harish HV

Managing Partner

Govind Sankaranarayanan

Director & Managing Partner

Richa Arora

Managing Partner & CEO ESG Stewardship Services

Shankar Venkateswaran

Operating Partner

Rita Roy Choudhury

Managing Partner and Chief Executive - Climate Change & Sustainability Services Business

Prof Nick Robins

Dr. Kiran Karnik

Suma Chakrabarti

Anjuly Chib Duggal

ESG Stewardship

ESG Stewardship is an approach to establishing leadership and a management mindset, to help drive sustainable businesses. ESG Stewardship at ECube is rooted in a strategic, business-centric approach, to enhance ESG performance and capabilities of companies, and provide practical solutions to help advance their ESG agenda.

Key pillars of the ECube Stewardship Services Approach

Business-oriented ESG assessment framework

Covering revenue and brand enhancement, cost and capital optimization, and risk mitigation.

Outside-in holistic 360 degree assessment

Including ground-up analysis, engaging with multiple stakeholders, board members, suppliers, customers, trade partners and ex-employees.

Beyond compliance customizable model of ESG guidance

Integrating ESG into business strategy for long term sustainable returns, and communicating a strong value proposition to all stakeholders, including investors.

If you'd like to know more about our process and our proprietary ESG (& disclosure) assessment frameworks, contact us.



07 Mar 2020 / by ECube India

Govind accepting the citation on behalf of ECube awarded by Hon'ble Former Minister Railways and India's Sherp...

07 Mar 2020 / by ECube India

Govind at the first edition of the International Responsible Investors Network (IRIN) Summit 2020

06 Mar 2020 / by ECube India

HV Harish during his panel discussion on the theme on “Corporate Governance + Sustainability = Economic Value ...


Knowledge Center

21 Mar 2023 / by Team ECube

Net Zero: The consumer angle

As the world tackles the threat of climate change and moves towards a net zero future, the critical role that consumers will play is becoming evident. As sustainable products emerge, consumers can accelerate the transition to Net Zero. Dr Mukund Rajan and Shail Vani have co-authored an article on the consumer angle in the transition to Net Zero.

02 Nov 2022 / by Shankar Venkateswaran

Towards a Purpose-based Sustainability Disclosures regime*

This millennium has seen a rash of sustainability disclosure frameworks like never before, much to the consternation of companies who are expected to report on! A few mandatory ones have emerged such as the EU’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive mandatory, while India’s Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) mandated for the top 1000 listed companies in India is an interesting example from the emerging economies.

10 Aug 2021 / by Team ECube

Outlast- How ESG can Benefit Your Business

Usually, blame for business failures is apportioned to external factors such as adverse business cycles, badly framed government regulations and lack of infrastructure. Often the causes lie within: from short term thinking to destruction of natural resources, and exploitation of labour. To outlast competition, build resilience, gain competitive advantage and achieve greater returns in the long run, businesses must improve their performance on material ESG metrics. Outlast: How ESG Can Benefit Your Business, co-authored by Dr Mukund Rajan is a clarion call to corporate leaders to follow the pathway of ESG.

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