ESG Stewardship is an approach to establishing leadership and a management mindset, to help drive sustainable businesses. ESG Stewardship & Solutions at ECube is rooted in a strategic, business-centric approach, to enhance ESG performance and capabilities of companies, and provide practical solutions to help advance their ESG agenda.

Key pillars of the ECube Solutions Approach

Business-oriented ESG assessment framework

Covering revenue and brand enhancement, cost and capital optimization, and risk mitigation.

Outside-in holistic 360 degree assessment

Including ground-up analysis, engaging with multiple stakeholders, board members, suppliers, customers, trade partners and ex-employees.

Beyond compliance customizable model of ESG guidance

Integrating ESG into business strategy for long term sustainable returns, and communicating a strong value proposition to all stakeholders, including investors.



ESG strategy & materiality

A business centric approach to ESG Strategy & Materiality using a risk & opportunities lens, and an engagement method with an inbuilt ‘internal advocacy’ approach


Mainstreaming ESG in the business

Integrating ESG into business strategy for long term sustainable returns


Sustainability report assessment

Using a proprietary reporting cum diagnostic assessment framework to identify strategic reporting issues, helping build pathways for improvement


E&S assessment through a business risk and opportunities lens

Assessing current E & S practices across key areas using a stakeholder lens


GHG inventory development and decarbonisation strategy

Helping set GHG baselines, with a roadmap to reduce emissions


ESG action planning (ambition setting & KPI’s)

Working with stakeholders to develop deeper awareness & appreciation of the ESG agenda, for plans which are practical and implementable


Board engagement on ESG

Help strengthen ESG Governance by enhancing boards’ awareness & appreciation of ESG


Governance assessment

A gap assessment done with our proprietary ‘best practices’ framework enabling good governance practices across key aspects, helping to set the tone at the top


ESG internal and external advocacy

Communicate ESG strategy, action plans and performance to internal and external stakeholders

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